Owgels 5L Oxygen Concentrator

Owgels 5L Oxygen Concentrator

Rs 85000
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  •  5 Litres Oxygen Concentrator with Live Oxygen Purity Check Display On Screen
  • Intelligence Alarm Sysytem : Low Pressure; Low Concentration & Power Outage
  • Power Supply 220V/50Hz | Consumption< 320w
  • Noise level is less than 50dB | Output Pressure 40-60Kpa | Oxygen Output 0-5L/min
  • Model Owgels 5 Litre is designed in accordance with standard of Medical & Home usage appliances, it supplies a high concentration of oxygen. Product details are Live Oxygen Purity Check Display On Screen, Oxygen Flow Rate is 1 to 5L per min adjustable, Oxygen Concentration is > 93%, Oxygen Pressure is 40-60KPa, 1 year warranty, Operating Noise is less than equal to 50dB, Intelligence 3 Alarm System – Low pressure, Low concentration and Power outage, LED Light Display, Intelligent Chip Control.

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