Electric  USB Automatic  Fly Catcher

Electric USB Automatic Fly Catcher

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Name: Electric Flycatcher 

Material: ABS Random Color

 Size: about 20*20*7cm/7.87*7.87*2.76inch 

Voltage: 5V Charging: USB


1. Place the bait on the groove (do not use hard objects as bait);

 2. Turn on the machine; 

3. Place in the infested place of the flies, the flies are attracted by the bait and transferred to the box through the rotating plate;

 4. Remove and clean the flycatcher box.

1. Pure physical catching: The Fly catcher is non-toxic and safer, and it attracts flies through non-toxic bait and then turning the board to catch silently.

 2. Use: Place this product in an area where flies often move, and get a bait with a sweet or fishy smell to attract flies. 

3. Anti-escape design: Allow flies to enter but can not leave, the flycatcher can easily eliminate flies, and it is operated silently for a quiet environment.

 4. Easy to clean: The inner cover can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning; it is easy to care, washable, and clean in one step. 

5. Applicable to: Suitable for all families, hotels, restaurants, canteens, vegetable markets, supermarkets, farms, factories, etc.

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