Battery Operated Electric Wine Opener Set

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High quality, durable and exquisite. Transparent glass display case. easy to handle and operate. Lightweight and excellent grip. Tin Foil cutter design. Easy to clean Material = PC, Metal, ABS Power Supply = 4 x AA Battery
Now you can open open the cork of wine with easy like never before. With the push of a button, this electric wine cork screw automatically removes the cork within seconds without damaging the cork. The product comes with wine pourer to help you with pouring wine on the glass. Its a portable tool, you can take it anywhere and even fits in the small space. Its classy design gives a clean look while placed it with Wines. This tool will save your time and effort while opening the wine bottles. Direction for use - • Simply squeeze and twist the top of the bottle with the help of twister. • Press the lower button to uncork. • Press the upper button to eject the cork. • After opening the cork, you can seal the bottle using the vacuum sealer provided with the product.

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