WNQ-7318WB Fashion semi-commercial Recumbent Bike

WNQ-7318WB Fashion semi-commercial Recumbent Bike

Rs 70000
Brand: VGR
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  • Intelligent large window computer display workout, program to help you select the suitable exercise way.
  • Humanism design, with 17 running programs,1 heart rate test program, 1 manual adjusting program, 1 fat test program, 4 heart-rate date control programs, 4 customer-made programs.
  • Convenient resistance adjustment: adopt flexible electronic control motor to adjust the magnet-resistance system, with import inner magnetism wheel.
  • Handhold heart rate test sensor, make sure you can control your heart rate by adjust your exercise intension.
  • External power supply, more energy-saving and environment friendly.
  • Use balance weight pedal, make you feel comfortable and safety during the exercise.
  • Elliptical tube strong frame, more solid , reliable and the stream sculpt more elegant.
  • Glide-style seat: Going by somatology , easily adjustable, which can meet all user’s need.
  • Front moving wheel setting , it can be easily move from one place to other place.

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