Spine Bike (S600)

Spine Bike (S600)

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  • Main wheel weight: 23Kg
  • Tube type: Stainless steel tube 30 30Cm
  • Stainless steel tube: 30 60Cm
  • Square steel tube: 40 40Cm
  • Over-sized central axis --dia: 0. 4Cm
  • Vertical adjustment of the handlebar-adjustable range: 38Cm
  • Horizontal adjustment of the handlebar--adjustable range: 8. 5Cm
  • Vertical adjustment of the seat: 50Cm
  • Horizontal adjustment of the seat: 6. 5Cm
  • Pedal shaft core--dia: 0. 2Cm
  • N. W: 68kg
  • G. W. : 72Kg

Exposed parts: stainless steel element
Main frame: use mn-steel material and adjust the resistance
Emergency brake: cowhide braking system, wear-esisting, don't hurt the flywheel
Forefoot with roller and easy to move on
Optional accesseies: the heart rate sensor, instrument panel, calorie, laps
Appearance: Fluorecent yellow-green, trans-avantgrade, durable framework of the main shaft. 1>Spinning bike head: consists of handlebar and canteen rack, the design of the rack is set for water supplies of the exercising body during the long exercise.
Wheel fender: the fender set between the bike body and brake system functions almost in the same way as general bike, it is to protect the spinning wheel from corrosion of the sweat and stain.
Spinning wheel: the main function of the spinning wheel is to balance weight, which will strengthen the training by means of increasing the exercise load.
Digital brake system: help the exerciser to better control exercising speed.
Crank and pedal: driving system of the bike. The asj fitness fixed exercise cycle, exercising cycle, fixed training bike is a great way to get a cardiovascular fitness workout just like you would on a regular road bike. If you want a more challenging workout than a typical exercise bike, then the asj fitness fixed exercise cycle, exercising cycle, fixed training bike is the one for you. Our unique multi grip handle bar design, will be super comfortable when increasing your pedaling pace to get the maximum out of your workout. The extra wide bike frame provides stability and the look of more expensive training cycles.

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