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Pain Guard

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Pain Guard is the revolutionary healing formula that has been prepared by using rare herbs from Himalayas.
Pain Guard provides fast relief from joint pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, body pain, muscular pain, knee pain, back pain and calf pain and it is effective against Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Pain Guard is beneficial against cervical spondylosis and lower back pain. It can treat joints that stopped working year back and enable you to work with proper smoothness like before. It has also been found effective against prolapsed or herniated disk. Pain guard helps in stimulation of blood circulation and diminishes severe joints pain. With this pain relief oil, you do not need to worry about muscle cramps, sprains, strains and stiffness anymore.

How does Pain Guard work?
When Pain Guard is applied in the affected area, the pain relief oil refuels the dried joints with the synovial fluid and thus there will be less friction between bones as the fluid lubricates your bones.

Linemusitatissimum 5ml
Cinnamomum Camphora 5ml
Mentha Piperata 5ml
Vitex Negundo 2ml
Sesamum Indicum 65ml
Dhasingre Oil 5ml
Arandi Oil 10ml
Other Base Oil 3ml

Do not apply on open wounds and burns
Always wash your hands properly before and after use.
Warm a small portion of oil before applying it to the affected area for best result.

Apply 5ml to 10ml of pain relief oil on the affected part gently and massage the area for 5minutes twice daily.

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