Mini DC UPS for Routers and Modems 8800 Mah

Mini DC UPS for Routers and Modems 8800 Mah

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• With Li-battery 8800mAH • DC 5v,9v/12v selectable • With POE port • Input Voltage:100V - 240V AC Small DC communication equipment, network peripherals such as Modem, routers, IP camera, etc. • Constant DC output, long backup time, smart chip control, zero transition. • USB port to charge phones. • POE Power for Cameras • Overload Protection • Light Weight • Easy Installation • Plug and Play
Frequent load shedding has been a great problem in Nepal. While internet is being the most important part of our daily life, whether it is online classes, office works, home entertainments etc. This is the serious problem in Nepal. Mini DC UPS for routers and Modems is specially made to solve this problem. Now you can enjoy the internet without being disconnected to the internet. Mini DC UPS supports all router models, ADSL, DSL, GPON. All models of router either, fiber router or secondary router. You can also charge mobile phones and camera as well. With the 8800 MAH Li-ion battery powered UPS, you can get a very long lasting result during the load shedding. Enjoy working from home, Online classes, entertainment and stay connected to your close ones through constant internet even when there is no electricity.

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