Massage Chair Enliven Multifunctional

Massage Chair Enliven Multifunctional

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- Auto-adjust the angle of the backrest and leg rest.
- Back massage mode:knead,shiatsu,tap,knock with heating.
- Airsqueezing for head,shoulder, back,waist,thigh,and leg.
- Body-stretch function for wide,middle,narrow.
- Flexible back area massage can be justed and set freely.
- Foot scraping function.
- Deep and firm hybrid massage,using rollers on the upper body and air pressure on the lower body,mayhave the effect of full relax .
- Using the advanced infrared sensor,the automatic acupuncture point detect the body size and shape of the user before massage,to determine most suitable massage to be performed.
- 4 healthcare programs,the music synchronization program and a wide range of manual massage courses allow you to choose the most desireable personal massage programs.
- The music synchronization program has created the fusion of music and massage,giving you more relaxation and enjoyment whether physically or spirtually.
- The 4 massage roller system gives you the most effective massage of the lower body.
- The unique air bags provide you with the most comfortable massage of the upper body.
- The 15minute anto timer .
- The smooth auto-recling system enables you to adjust the backrest with recline angles between 100degree and 140degree. <br/>
Function :
- Remove surplus fat
- Elimminate toxin and deposit.
- Activate cells and strengthen.
- Quickly improve your inner circulate.
- Ease fatigus, relieve pains from whole body.
- Clean blood vessel and improve blood circulatory.

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