Learning Laptop For kids

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  • Now introduce your young toddlers to the fascinating world of computers and also teach them to relate images with sound with this angry bird study game.
  • This amazing laptop-shaped toy is present with a wide range of cool features that will boost your kids comprehension, reading, and mathematical skills, as well as make their playtime educational and fun.
  • Product Features Learn numbers from 1 to 10. Learn alphabets from A to Z. Learn words, listen to songs and melodies and much more. Learn 40 English words with 4 modes- letter Mode, spell mode, word mode and asking mode.
  • Learning Laptop toy For Kids helps to Improve the child's imagination, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, hands-on ability.Colorful, eye-catching. Safe and environmentally friendly non-toxic.
  • English learner laptop that will help to make your kid's learning sessions full of fun and excitement.
  • Angry Birds Learning Laptop/Computer/Game with Box
  • Letter Mode
  • Word Mode
  • Spell Mode
  • Asking Mode
  • Music Mode
  • Multi Feature
  • Soft Buttons
  • Best Learning Laptop For Kids
  • Learn with Fun
  • Best For Gift
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Smart Machine

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