Khukri Spice Rum | 750ML

Khukri Spice Rum | 750ML

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Product Details of Khukri Spice Rum | 750ML

Brand: Khukri
Volume: 750ML
Made in Nepal
Alcohol: 42.8%

Revamp your taste buds and experience a rum that\'s bold, playful and truly cosmopolitan, with secret spices of the Himalayas that leave you buzzing.

Khukri Spice Rum finds a way to keep the tradition of its taste intact, all the while pushing forward the style and aesthetics of the modern rum connoisseur. It is home to a history of a classic blend passed down from generations but has the rigour, style and spice of the modern lifestyle. The hand picked Himalayan herbs become the special spice ingredients that give a new life to the traditional taste of Khukri. Enjoy your Khukri Spice Rum with Cola, a squeeze of lime, topped with crushed ice and plenty of fresh mint leaves for the drink to truly thrive. You at once feel connected to a heritage, while looking out to the present, filled with a taste that makes summer come alive.


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