Home Use Motorized Treadmill F1-5000MA

Home Use Motorized Treadmill F1-5000MA

Rs 160000
Brand: VGR
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  • The maximum 2.75 AC motor.
  • 5 LED and Marquee window.
  • With 8 professional exercise programs:Weight loss model,Manual mode,Intermittent mode, Relief model,Slope model,Climbing model,Fat burning model,Heart rate control.
  • Built-in new shock absorption device patent(patent No.:200820153846.9),ensure the sustainability of elasticity and decrease the exercise impact.
  • Special low friction,Anti static material 1360*460mm running belt.
  • External USB connectors,built in MP3 system,enjoy wonderful music while running.
  • Speed range:0.8-16Km/H,incline:0~10%.
  • Display calorie,distance,time,speed,inclination and heart rate.
  • Be easily folded and removed.
  • Anti electron radiation panel,Concise generous.

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