Hanging Wind Chime 25

Hanging Wind Chime 25

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Hanging Wind Chime (25 inch) info
Decorate your home with hanging wind chime. This is the cheap home decorating accessories. Wake up to the soothing chime that allows you with an eargasm. Hanging Wind Chime has its special position in Fengsui, the Chinese Architecture that is similar to Hindu Vastu Shastra. Hanging Wind Chime is believed to ward off the negative energy so that peace will befall upon the family members. These chimes are perfect for decorating your home, your office room and even your car. We have come up with extensive collection of hanging wind chime in Nepal in different size and price.


Total height: 25" (including the bell and the hanging thread)
Aluminium hollow pipe
Wood bell
Box packing
Brand: Other
Color: Metallic
Condition: New
Weight: 0.60


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