Hand Roll Vacuum Bag

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Vacuum Bag packers real space cloth bag is a space-saving storage product. - These vacuum compressed storage bag, has become an essential accessory as you can use this product in multiple ways. - It can be used as storage under your bed and as this product is waterproof you need not worry about mould and mildew build up. You can also use this bags when you travel. - They're also really strong, being made from 80-micron plastic which means they can hold a lot without breaking. - They Lock Extra Tight : With their unique double-zip seal and air tight valve you can be assured that no air will get back into these vacuum pack storage bags, until you decide to open them again. - They're Also Airtight: Mole, insects and dust will be a thing of the past, as your items will be stored in an airtight and waterproof vacuum seal, keeping out dust, bacteria and other living microorganisms

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