glow up spot guard

glow up spot guard

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Glow Up Spot Guard is the best spot mark removal cream that you can find in Nepal. Manufactured with extract from natural herbs, this anti spot cream is effective against dark spots and acnes. This is the complete skin care product that not only removes acne and spot marks but also makes your skin soft and radiant while making your skin glow. The composition used in Glow Up Spot Guard ensure a uniform lightening of skin while it goes to the inner depth of skin and removes dead cells.

Curcuma longs Rizome 10%
Rubia longa 5%
Babasmodenadron mukul 5%
Dalbergia Sissoo 15%
Cocus Nucifera 10%
Gera alba 15%
Santalum Album Oil 5%
Ocimum sanctum leaves 3%
Aloe Vera plant 5%
Embellica Officinalis 10%
Azadirachta Indica oil 35
Rose Indica flower 5%
Perfumes 1%
Cream Base q.s.

Method of Usage

Wash the face properly and apply Glow Up Spot Guard on your face and gently massage at bed time.

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