Fitness Yoga Ball/ Gym Ball

Fitness Yoga Ball/ Gym Ball

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• Tones Abdominal Muscles and Improves Blood Circulation, Body Posture and Physique Strengthens Arms, Legs, Shoulder, Back Muscles and Keeps Calories in Check Keeping You Agile, Flexible and Fit All Day Long • Foot Pump Makes it Easy to Inflate and Can Be Deflated and Stored Easily. • Easy to Wash and Store • Made of Heavy Gauge Vinyl, It Inflates to a Diameter of 65cms. Suits Well with Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates Exercises, Gym Workouts, Sports and Athletic Training. Can be Done Indoors or Outdoors
Improves blood circulation, body posture, and physique by toning abdominal muscles. Arms, legs, shoulders, and back muscles are strengthened, and calories are kept in check. Maintaining Your Agility, Flexibility, and Fitness Throughout the day It's easy to inflate with the long foot pump, and it's also simple to deflate and store. Simple to Clean and Store It inflates to a diameter of 65cm and is made of heavy gauge vinyl. Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates Exercises, Gym Workouts, Sports, and Athletic Training are all great choices. It can be done both inside and outside. Size: 65cm in diameter. 

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