Fish Shaped Printed KF94 Mask |KF94 masks(Multiple Colors Available)

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- Non woven fabric. - Light weight and non-toxic. - 10 pcs in a pack. - No chemical smell and very protective.  - 4-Layer Protection with high quality filter mask. - Comfortable to wear and lots of breathable room.   - For  both male and female .
Fish-Shaped Protective KF94 Mask are disposable, soft high quality skin friendly facemasks, with no chemical smell, adjustable nose bridge and side flaps to fits your face better. And provide sufficient breathing space between the nose and mouth and the inside of the mask, let your feel free and comfortable breathing even working. They are designed to worn by both male and female every day for Home, School, Office, Public Transportation, Streets, Stores, church, Cycling, Sports& Meeting etc. These masks have higher filtration capabilities which keep yourself and your loved ones protected from dust and pollution. Important things to remember: - This mask can be used for respiratory protection for certain oily particle(Dust, pollen and other types of dust and non -volatile fog and other air pollutants). - This product cannot be used in hypoxic environments. - This product cannot be used for protective filtering of toxic gases and vapors. - Mask pollution, damage, ageing, failure, etc., need to be replaces with a new mask. - Children must be used under the guidance of an adult, please keep in a safe place to avoid accidents.

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