Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey | 1kg

Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey | 1kg

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Product details of Divine Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey | 1kg

Boosts the immunity power in the body and aids in weight loss & maintenance, improves stamina, vitality, and longevity.
By regulating bowel movements, it prevents from constipation.
Regulating proper bodily functioning: it purifies the blood, prevents from chronic heart diseases, and cancer.
It alleviates weakness in the nervous system, boosts memory power, and aids in healthy brain health.
Destroys the parasites in the case of biting by insects, snakes, and scorpions.

The Wild Cliff Honey is collected from the Himalayas found in the altitude of 2500-3800 meters where the wild bees thrive and extract the nectar from thousands of high nutrient rich medicinal wild flowers, flora and fauna that aids in several health benefits from boosting your immune system, sexual vitality, brain health, purifying blood and adding longevity.

How is the Honey extracted?

When the Honeybees residing in the wilder cliff of the Himalayas suck fruits & juices from these potent plants, herbs, and flowers; then it goes in the process for the preparation of Wild Cliff Honey. Himalayan Mountain Honey is dominated by nectar of Rhododendron flowers found in the Himalayan region. Honeybees in the Himalayan belts suck the nectar of Rhododendron, which is only grown for 4-5 months in a year. The purity of these Rhododendron flower results the Honey to be strong & causes Hallucination if taken higher amount than recommended. Thus, this form of Mountain Honey is unifloral. But, for all the seasons when Rhododendron do not bloom, bees go on hunting & sucking nectar of other thousands of Ayurveda herbs & flowers in the Himalayan belt (multi-floral from wild cliffs). This form of non-bee farming-Mountain Honey does not have hallucination effect.
Himalayan Mountain Honey being the form of non-bee farming, the honeybees themselves seal the outer layer with the natural goodness and preserve it for many days or even months before the Honey is taken out. Skillful & compassionate Locals take out the Honey with so much of patience & endurance to make sure that Honeybees are not harmed in this process.

Recommended consumption: Having its 2 different forms (hallucinating & non-hallucinating effect), Himalayan Mountain Honey can be consumed by people of all ages from a child to older people. But, having its source from the higher altitude Ayurveda herbs & plants (2500 meters- 3800 meters), it is always advised to consume in lower doses of no more than half teaspoon/day. If taken in more amount causes hallucinations and psychedelic effect.


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