Colorful Smoke Fog For Holi (Pack of 5)

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  • Type: Powder 
  • Herbal Holi
  • With Fragrance 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Colourful Smoke Bomb for Holi, Photography 
  • Packets are easy to open, making color throws a breeze 
  • Contains 5 pieces in one packet. 
  • Suitable for photography and videography 
  • Take 35seconds - 1 minutes long opening. One box contains 5 pieces different coloured smoke sticks having 10 sec+ timings. Very top-quality best for marriages and college programs
Herbal Gulal For Holi Celebration, Skin Friendly, Natural Handmade Holi Gulal. This Gulal is made from the naturally procured ingredients, Colours are Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly 100% Safe Skin Friendly Non-Irritant Safe For Kids.

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