Casio Check & Recheck Calculator (DJ-240D Plus, CB157)

Casio Check & Recheck Calculator (DJ-240D Plus, CB157)

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Product Details of Casio Check & Recheck Calculator (DJ-240D Plus, CB157)
  • Review and Auto Review: Review up to 300 calculation steps.
  • Auto Review by pressing one single button!
  • While reviewing a calculation, you can make changes in values and operators and re-execute to obtain a new result.
  • Jump to a particular calculation step by pressing one single button.
  • Insert / Delete: You can add steps to or delete steps from Calculation Memory.
  • Note that if the number of steps in Calculation Memory exceeds 300, you will not be able to review them later.
  • Answer Memory: Recall a previous calculation result and use it in the next calculation!
  • Double Check: Compare the results of two calculations!
  • Grand total: Automatic totalization of the results of different calculations.
  • Recheck with Sound Assist: The recheck function allows confirmation of errors by sound when checking calculations. If the user presses an incorrect key when performing a second calculation to check calculation results, a buzzer sounds to alert the user of the error.
  • Tax Calculation Calculator
  • Dimensions (D × W × H) : 219×146×38mm
  • Weight : 260g
1 Year Warranty

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