Air compressor

Air compressor

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 The Super Flow air compressor has an edge with a 15 amp, 12-volt direct drive motor, 2200 cubic inches of air output, and 150 PSI making it our highest capacity tire inflator that powers from your cigarette lighter outlet. This portable tire inflator can serve more than one purpose with it\’s LED flashlight attached to the back. The portable air compressor includes a 10 foot power cord and a 16 foot self-coiling air hose with easy twist brass inflator. The extended air hose and power cord length on this tire air tool makes it easy to reach all four tires. The Super Flow HV- air compressor is perfect for use on standard sized vehicle, pickup truck, and SUV tires. The Super Flow air compressor can easily bring up your car\’s tire pressure from 25 to 35 PSI in less than a minute. You can also inflate a large size truck tire from 25 to 35 in under 4 minutes. Whether you need compressed air for a car or truck, regular attention to your vehicle’s tire pressure will result in better fuel economy and maximize tread life for your tires. Included with this all purpose car air pump is a convenient nylon carry bag, two adapter nozzles, and a ball inflation needle to keep your sports balls properly inflated too.

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