8.5 inch LCD Writing Tablet

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- Screen Type = LCD Non-Reflecting (protects delicate eyes of your child) - Tablet Size = 8.5 inch - Writing Screen Size = (6.4 inches) - Material = LCD, ABS - Type:Graphic Tablets - Battery model = CR2025 (Button Shapped Battery) - Pressure output = 100-200 grams - Weight = 114 grams - Environmental Friendly (No papers)
Say Goodbye to Papers. LCD Writing Tablet is here for your child to make hassle free sketching and drawings. Normally children hesitate to write because they do not find interesting write on papers always but this tablet amazes your child and empowers your child to be creative and draw. LCD drawing tablet uses No paper and no extra rubber erasers. Just pressing a button is enough to erase the content on the screen. With the smart stylus (writing pen), there is no need to sharp or replace. This ultra thin tablet is just perfect for your kids to motivate them for writing and creativity. Not only the kids, but adults also can use this product while noting something at emergency, such as phone numbers and addresses. Other key Advantages of LCD Writing Tablet includes - - Drop Resistance (Durability) - Long lasting battery - Eye Protection - User Friendly - Perfect for all ages - Lock the content on screen for accidental erasing. - Develop Intelligence Method of using the product - - Before use, toggle the lock button to unlock state. - Pull out the pen and write directly on the writing area. - Press clear button at the bottom of the tablet and wait for 2 seconds before writing again. - Use the lock button to keep writing and prevent from accidental erase. - If the writing cannot be cleared, replace the battery.

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