3 In 1 Musical Educational Baby Toy Car

3 In 1 Musical Educational Baby Toy Car

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3 in 1 fun coil for baby Have a voice Play as a coil beats play beads to play to the development of the muscles of the small bundle of children with blocks that help children develop memory and muscle. I have a fire with the car is a car with drag it with fun to do it with 1.5 years up.

Music, Animal sound, Blocks, beads

13+ Action& Music
Hearing Stimulation
Visual Stimulation
Tactile Stimulation
Co-ordination Skills
Music Stimulation
Fine Motor Skills
Curiosity and Discovery
Numbers and Counting
Shapes and Colors
Logical Mind

1. Flick the beads with finger, it will slide smoothly in orbit.
2. Push the car gently, it will slide ahead and nod its head up and down
3. Put the blocks at the right location, will hear animal sound ad pleasing music

3 x 1.5v AAA batteries (Not Included)

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